Welcome Message From The Provost



Let me use this medium to welcome our newly admitted freshmen and women to this noble institution of higher learning.
I earnestly welcome you to this great institution (College Of Education, Igueben).

It is a thing of joy to have the opportunity to be admitted to study for the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) in the College considering the huge number of people outside who are desirous to be admitted into similar institutions. It is our expectation that you must exhibit a high sense of responsibility by obeying all rules and regulations of the College.

The school's website provides you with up-to-date informatiion on activities in the College and a source of guidance to enable students go through the NCE programme in th College successfully.

It is important to let students know that cultism is an abomination which is not tolerated in the College. it is evil and it is strictly prohibited. There are Social Clubs and other leadership organizations in the College from which students could seek membership.

Once again, i sincerely welcome you to College of Education, Igueben and also wish you a successful stay in the College.